Spare parts finder


We do not produce disposable articles! The sustainable approach also includes a long-term supply of spare parts. You can order PUKY spare parts online ex works. Often, even older PUKY vehicles can be restored to perfect condition with little effort. Since many PUKY vehicles are also bought by siblings or second-hand after their first ownership, quality, durability and spare parts availability for PUKY vehicles pay off especially.

  1. First of all, look for the type plate on your PUKY vehicle. You can find instructions on how to find the type plate here.
  2. Select the matching type plate and follow the instructions.

Long-lasting fun

PUKY products are used by four children on average. It is obvious that something can break during such a long and intensive use. That's why we offer a 10-year spare parts supply for our vehicles. We store many thousands of spare parts so that you or your trusted dealer can repair our vehicles if something goes wrong.

If you cannot find a spare part in the list, please contact us at, stating the article number, construction stage and item number.