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PUKY is the expert for child-friendly mobility - since 1949. 

For 75 years, we have firmly believed that movement for children and young people is important for their physical, mental, emotional and social development. And we are convinced that we can support the natural fun of movement with the right products. It all began with the founding of PUKY in Düsseldorf in 1949: Founders Heinz Kuchenbecker, Hermann Schlessmann and Sebastian Neef came up with the idea for a product that became the epitome of playful locomotion for many children in the midst of reconstruction after the war - the balloon scooter. Many classics and innovative products, happy children and numerous awards have characterised our success story ever since. This is why PUKY is the expert for high-quality and child-friendly vehicles - and has been for over 7 decades.

Stability is more than just a word for us 

Stability is the prerequisite for balance - not only for the perfect hold on our child-friendly products, but also for the personal development of children in general. Stability is the foundation for growth, it is the necessary basis on which changes can be built and challenges can be mastered. Stability is needed in life in order to gain new experiences, develop further and surpass oneself. Only with stability can we humans react resiliently and flexibly to ups and downs and develop self-confidence. And this applies to children, parents and families on a small scale as well as to our society as a whole. For us as a brand, stability is therefore the enabler par excellence and the companion on the path to a hopefully eventful life.

PUKY prepares children for a life on the move. 

We give parents the confidence to make the best decision for their child's developmental stage with every PUKY product. And we give children the confidence to discover the world on four, three or two wheels with our products. That's why PUKY not only sets the highest quality standards in terms of materials and manufacturing, but also in terms of child-friendly ergonomics and modern product design. All PUKY products are designed so that young people, no matter how big or old, have a stable hold in the saddle, are always safe when travelling and are as appropriate and modern as possible in their social environments.