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  • 35-48 cm
  • 90-120 cm
  • 2 1/2 + years
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Not only easy to ride: The PUKY LR Light Br

Visually, the LR Light makes quite a statement. Modern and sporty then slim frame shape, Aheadset stem and spoke rims. But also the inner values know how to convince. The frame, the fork, the handlebars as well as the hub of the LR Light Br are made of aluminum, which makes the balance bike particularly light. The low frame incl. footboard allows the pilot... Read more


  • Handlebar Grips Safety handlebar grips
  • Frame Frame with deep entry
  • Frame material Aluminium
  • Handlebar Aluminium
  • Stem Aluminium Ahead stem
  • Fork material Aluminium
  • Hubs Aluminium
  • Paint Impact resistant powder coating
  • Handlebar pad Inclusive
  • Brake handle Brake handle suitable for children
  • Side stand Inclusive
  • Running board Yes
  • Max. payload 25 kg
  • Saddle

    Special balance bike saddle with carrying handle

  • Tyres

    Pneumatic spoke wheels (50-203 or 12 1/2 x 2.00)

  • Brake system

    V-brake (rear)

  • Abmessungen

    Saddle and handlebar (via spacers) height adjustable

Product dimensions

How wide, how high, how long? Here you will find the most important information about the vehicle.

* Seat height

Special balance bike saddle

Form follows Function

The "banana saddle" developed especially for our balance bikes gives children a secure hold and supports the child's running movements. Since the thrust impulse on a balance bike can only be transmitted via the saddle, a completely different shape is required here than on a bicycle in order to provide the child with safety and good vehicle control.


Pneumatic wheels in 12.0"

Comfort and performance

In terms of grip on any surface, pneumatic tires are still superior to any other technology. The comfort and optimal handling are also significant advantages of the pneumatic tire, which can also be adjusted to the personal preferences of the children by changing the air pressure. So if you value optimal performance more than low maintenance, the LR Light Br is the best choice! At the LR Light Br the tires sit on saved aluminum rims and hubs for further weight optimization.

Safety handlebar grips

Safety under control

Safety and child-friendly features are core points of all PUKY vehicles. For example, PUKY was the first manufacturer to install special safety handlebar grips with large impact surfaces. These protect against injury in the event of a fall, should the child fall onto the handlebars. At the same time, the safety handlebar grips prevent unintentional lateral slipping. The structure of the handle provides good grip and the small diameter suitable for children's hands allows a complete embrace of the handle.


Powerful V-brake on the rear wheel

Everything under control

The V-brake on the rear wheel used on the LR Light Br is a good alternative for older and heavier children. Although less experienced pilots will initially by the high braking effect one or the other drift, but children of this age are motor faster able to estimate the high braking effect. However, we install this type of brake exclusively on the rear wheel. Here, there is no danger of a locked wheel causing a fall in the event of sudden emergency braking.

Aluminum Straight Fork

Direct and fast

The very lightweight aluminum fork supports with design and function the sporty character of the LR Light Br


Real size

Size finder

35-48 cm

Determine inner leg length
From the floor to step height

90-120 cm 2 1/2 - 6

Grundsätzlich bieten wir Ihnen drei Möglichkeiten zur Größenbestimmung bei PUKY Fahrzeugen. Wir empfehlen als zuverlässigste Angabe immer die Innenbeinlänge. Wie Sie diese ermitteln, finden Sie hier (Schrittlänge messen beim Kind). Alternativ können Sie auch die Körpergröße oder das Alter des Kindes als Anhalt heranziehen.

Unfortunately, the vehicle is not suitable for the body size entered. Please look for a suitable model in our overview.
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