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CYKE 20-3 Alu light

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  • 53-65 cm
  • 122-141 cm
  • 6 + years
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The PUKY CYKE 20-3 Light is the successor of our proven PUKY Crusader series for cool kids.

With optimal ergonomics and perfect equipment, CYKE 20-3 Light is the faithful companion for all situations in life. Whether a bicycle tour with your parents or a race with your friends. PUKY CYKE is suitable for children from the age of 6 and a height of 122 cm. Appearances are not deceptive. The PUKY CYKE 20-3 Light... Read more

Product dimensions

How wide, how high, how long? Here you will find the most important information about the vehicle.

* Seat height

SKS® mudguards with edge protection

The SKS® mudguards installed in our vehicles not only protect your child from injuries, but also from dirt and water, thanks to edge protection. The attached spoiler provides optimum splash protection on wet roads.

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Non-slip RUKY pedals

with third reflector

Our non-slip RUKY pedals have been specially designed to be non-slip and of course easy to run. In addition to the two STVZO prescribed reflectors for front and rear, there is another reflector on the side.

RUKY tyres with reflective stripes

The high-quality RUKY tyres guarantee low wear, good puncture resistance and perfect grip. The reflective strip replaces rickety spoke reflectors. The reflector is extremely bright, complies with the StVZO and cannot fall off. Safety first!

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3 Brakes

Two V-brakes and a coaster brake. In addition to the back pedal brake, our bikes have two handbrakes. This allows pilots to slowly get used to all standard braking systems on the market and to choose whether they prefer to brake with the handbrake or with the back pedal brake.

Baggabe carrier

A large part of our CYKE models are equipped with a sturdy baggage carrier to secure and transport smaller loads. For the models without carrier you will find the suitable retrofit set in the accessories. ATTENTION: Even if it seems very tempting to transport another person on the carrier, this is strictly forbidden.

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Aluminium fork

The very light aluminium fork supports the sporty character of our CYKE models with design and function.

Real size

Size finder

53-65 cm

Determine inner leg length
From the floor to step height

122-141 cm 6 - 10

Grundsätzlich bieten wir Ihnen drei Möglichkeiten zur Größenbestimmung bei PUKY Fahrzeugen. Wir empfehlen als zuverlässigste Angabe immer die Innenbeinlänge. Wie Sie diese ermitteln, finden Sie hier (Schrittlänge messen beim Kind). Alternativ können Sie auch die Körpergröße oder das Alter des Kindes als Anhalt heranziehen.

Unfortunately, the vehicle is not suitable for the body size entered. Please look for a suitable model in our overview.
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