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Hey, little adventurer! 🌟

You love to explore the world with your R 07L scooter from PUKY? Then we have just the thing for you! Our mudguard set is not only mega cool, but also protects you and your scooter from mud and puddle splashes. So you and your scooter stay clean and you can fully take off!

Why you'll love this kit:

Perfect fit: designed specifically for your R 07L kids scooter from PUKY.

Mega robust: No matter how wild you are on the road, this set holds what!

Easy assembly: You and your parents will have it mounted in no time.

Ultra stylish: Your scooter is not only protected, but also looks super cool!

All-round protection: Front, rear - protected everywhere from annoying splashes.

Ready for the next adventure? With our mudguard set every trip becomes a highlight! 🛴✨

Suitable for model/s
R 07L

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