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Suitable accessories

Suitable accessories

LP 1
G 18
28-38 cm
83-98 cm
1 1/2 + Years
Find the right size
Find the right size

The pre-strage to the balance bike

PUKYMOTO is an ergonomically designed children's vehicle that closes the gap between a four-wheeled sliding vehicle and a two-wheeled running wheel.
It promotes the psychomotor development of children and can be driven indoors and outdoors. RUKYMOTO enables children who are already able to walk safely to drive more dynamically and sportively than with a classic sliding vehicle and offers more tipping stability than with a wheel.

Safety and child-friendly features are key aspects of all PUKY vehicles. For example, PUKY was the first manufacturer to install special safety handlebar grips with large impact surfaces. These protect against injuries if the child falls onto the handlebars. At the same time, the safety handlebar grips prevent unintentional sideways slipping. The structuring of the grip provides a good grip and the small diameter, which is suitable for children's hands, allows the grip to be gripped completely.
The ergonomic seat of the PUKYMOTO stands for sporty riding characteristics and encourages young riders to be dynamic. Thanks to Smart Turn technology, the seat can be adjusted in height in no time at all.
The plastic wheels with the Float rubber coating make the vehicle extremely quiet to ride and offer the best grip.
The vehicles in the ‘My First PUKY’ series have a limited steering angle, as they are designed to have a stable stance. This increases the confidence of beginners in particular during their first attempts at driving. As higher speeds cannot be reached here due to the design, such a limitation also poses no risk of injury in the event of a fall.
The narrow rear axle prevents the child's feet from hitting the rear wheels
Max. payload
20 kg
Silent wheels
Other Components

Steering angle limiter

Intelligent seat adjustment (Smart-Turn technology)

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Suitable for children from 1 1/2 years. Max. total load 20 kg.

Measuring inner leg length in three steps

But how can you measure your child's inner leg length? Quite simply:

  • Your child stands with its back against a wall wearing shoes.
  • Clamp a book between its legs with the horizontal upper edge at the crotch.
  • Now you can measure the distance from the top edge of the book to the floor with a tape measure or folding rule.

The measured value in centimetres is the inner leg length or crotch height. You can now use it to determine the right size for your child's balance bike or bicycle on our website.