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mySTOPY - the clever brake assistant for the PUKY LR 1 / LR 1L BR- Made in Germany

Everyone has certainly been in the situation where young riders of balance bikes have run towards a road, a traffic light or an obstacle and you have been able to stop them at the last moment - Now that's over!

mySTOPY is the first remote-controlled braking system for balance bikes and helps you to keep calm in such... Read more

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  • Suitable for models
    • LR 1L
    • LR 1L BR
  • Features
    • Scope of delivery: 1x mySTOPY, 1x remote control, 1x wristband
    • Easy mounting - 5mm Allen key to loosen the saddle clamp
    • Easy handling Long range - up to 100m
    • Long battery life
    • Rechargeable via Micro USB
    • Paring options
    • Integrated rear light

Einfache Montage

To mount mySTOPY, you only need a 5mm Allen key to loosen and fasten the saddle clamp. 

mySTOPY LR 1L/LR 1L BR USP-Image 1
mySTOPY LR 1L/LR 1L BR USP-Image 2

Long range

The brake function of mySTOPY can be triggered at a distance of up to 100m.

Long battery life

The battery of mySTOPY lasts approx. 6,000 hours in STANDBY mode and approx. 105 hours in ON mode.

mySTOPY LR 1L/LR 1L BR USP-Image 3
mySTOPY LR 1L/LR 1L BR USP-Image 4

Charging via Micro USB

mySTOPY can be easily charged via the practical micro USB connection. It takes about 5.5 hours to fully charge.

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