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  • 26-36 cm
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Our PUKY Wutsch is equipped with two new designs after 2 years in the Panda Look. Whoever drives a Wutsch is now on the road as a rabbit or a raccoon. The PUKY WUTSCH is equipped with a swing axle on the front wheels, which allows a flat steering angle. This not only ensures a stable ride over small obstacles, but also promotes the further development of balance and coordination. The PUKY WUTSCH can be... Read more


  • Handlebar Grips Safety handlebar grips
  • Frame material Steel
  • Paint Impact resistant powder coating
  • Handlebar pad Included
  • Max. payload 20 kg
  • Seat

    Ergonomic seat with carrying handle

    Knee recess in the seat ensures driving fun, evel for older children

  • Tyres

    Quiet FLOAT wheels

  • Learning effect

    Front swing axle promotes further training of balance and coordination

  • Bell

    Child-friendly rotary bell

  • Other components

    Panda design frame bag

  • PUKY Safety set

    Safety handlebar grips

    Handlebar pad

    Steering angle limiter for increased tilt stability


The ergonomic seat of the WUTSCH provides a central centre of gravity and supports the child's walking movements. The structured surface ensures a secure hold. The integrated handle of the WUTSCH facilitates one or the other carrying passage which can occur during outdoor use. The knee recess enables a second function during use and is particularly popular with older children who use their lower legs to support themselves on the seat instead of sitting down.


The vehicles of the "My first PUKY" series have a limitation of the steering angle, because they should have a stable stand. This strengthens, especially for beginners, the confidence during the first driving attempts. As higher speeds cannot be achieved here due to the design, such a limitation does not represent any risk of injury in the event of falls.


The plastic wheels with float rubber coating make the vehicle extremely quiet for indoor use and offer the best grip


In contrast to the PUKYLINO, the WUTSCH has a much flatter steering angle, which makes the vehicle much more stable against tilting in the direction of travel. This vehicle geometry, which enables both indoor and outdoor use, also prevents the installation of a rigid front wheel axle. However, the WUTSCH swing axle is not only a technical necessity, it is also the next logical step to further challenge and promote the child's development of balance, because the lateral stability is now controlled by the child himself.


Safety and child-friendly properties are key features of all PUKY vehicles. PUKY was the first manufacturer to use special safety handlebar grips with large impact surfaces. These protect against injuries in the event of a fall if the child falls on the handlebar. In this case, the PUKY WUTSCH bundle already includes a suitable handlebar pad, which is not only very decorative, but also protects.


The frame bag with cute panda ears and cute panda face ensures maximum fun. The handlebar pads and panda decor are also colour-coordinated and provide space for smaller parts such as toys or a drinking bottle.

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Grundsätzlich bieten wir Ihnen drei Möglichkeiten zur Größenbestimmung bei PUKY Fahrzeugen. Wir empfehlen als zuverlässigste Angabe immer die Innenbeinlänge. Wie Sie diese ermitteln, finden Sie hier (Schrittlänge messen beim Kind). Alternativ können Sie auch die Körpergröße oder das Alter des Kindes als Anhalt heranziehen.

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