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Product number: 00009437
Product information "LOCKSTAR"

The PUKY cable lock LOCKSTAR is an absolute must-have to protect your bike, scooter or other valuable items cool, safe and trendy. With its generous 70 cm length, it offers you enough flexibility to secure your vehicle firmly to an anchor point. The sturdy yet flexible steel cable allows you to wrap the lock effortlessly around your frame, wheels or other parts.

Highlight of the PUKY cable lock LOCKSTAR is the freely adjustable 4-digit numerical code, which offers you ultimate security and personal customization options. Choose your individual code and set up the lock according to your wishes to put a stop to thieves. With thousands of possible combinations, the lock offers you unmatched security.

The 15 mm thick lock impresses with its perfect compromise between security and flexibility. The resistant steel cable withstands cuts and thus ensures reliable protection for your beloved bike or other valuables.

The PUKY cable lock LOCKSTAR is available in two trendy retro colors: Retro-Green and Retro-Rose. With these stylish color options, you'll give your ride an individual and trendy touch. Whether you're into classic elegance or modern chic, this lock is perfect for your style.

With the PUKY cable lock LOCKSTAR you can sit back and relax, because it offers you the security you need. Protect your bike, your scooter or other valuable items from brazen thieves and at the same time choose a lock that underlines your personal style. Invest in security and style with the PUKY cable lock LOCKSTAR.

Color: retro green

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