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Suitable accessories

Suitable accessories

53-65 cm
122-141 cm
6 + Years
Find the right size
Find the right size

With StVZO equipment

The PUKY CYKE 20-7 ACTIVE bicycle is the perfect bike for active children aged 6 and above, with an inseam length of 53 cm. With its outstanding features and versatile performance, it is a true all-rounder for both roads and light off-road terrain.

The lightweight aluminum frame, aluminum fork, and aluminum rims make the bike exceptionally durable and long-lasting. The 20 x 2.0 tires with their off-road design provide excellent grip and riding comfort on various surfaces.

To ensure safe and reliable braking, the PUKY CYKE 20-7 ACTIVE is equipped with two adjustable V-brakes with brake levers. This allows the brakes to be perfectly adjusted to meet the child's needs.

With its 7-speed chain drive and trigger shifter with gear display, the bike enables effortless gear shifting for smooth and easy riding. Both the saddle and handlebar are adjustable in height, allowing the bike to grow with the child and be used for several years.

Great attention has been given to the ergonomic design of the bike. With its reduced standover height and upright riding position, the bike is optimally suited to the needs of children, providing comfortable and safe riding experiences.

The PUKY CYKE 20-7 ACTIVE bicycle also meets all the requirements of the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO). The lighting system, featuring a hub dynamo and LED headlights, ensures that the child is always visible and can ride safely.

For added comfort and practicality, the bike comes with the FIDLOCK TWIST bike Base, allowing for easy attachment of compatible water bottles. A kickstand and bell are included, and a matching luggage rack is available as an accessory.

The PUKY CYKE 20-7 ACTIVE bicycle offers an excellent combination of quality, safety, and functionality. With its appealing design and robust construction, it is the ideal companion for adventurous children eager to explore the freedom of cycling.

All our road bikes are equipped with a lighting system powered by a hub dynamo. The LED front headlight has an automatic on/off function and the rear light has an LED parking light.
To make it as easy as possible for children, almost all parts have been reworked in terms of weight. The frame, fork, handlebars, cranks and rims are all made of lightweight aluminum.
High-quality mudguards reliably keep out dirt and splash water while riding.
The tires used not only provide good grip but are also highly visible in the dark thanks to the reflective strips on the sides.
The high-grip V-brakes at the front and rear ensure optimum braking performance. The brakes are easy to operate and bring the rider safely to a halt. This is ensured by the optimally aligned brake levers. With little effort, the V-brake can be maintained with a little basic technical knowledge.
Seat post
Patented aluminum seat post
Front wheel
Rear wheel
Aluminum rims
wide handlebar made of lightweight aluminum
Stem stem for long service life
Fork with 1 1/8 inch steel shaft
Fork material
AL6061 aluminum
Impact resistant powder coating
32T / 13-28T
Brake handle
Adjustable brake lever
Side stand
Max. payload
60 kg
Luggage rack
available in accessories
Gear shift
7-speed derailleur
Specially designed for children, comfortable, lightweight saddle
20 x 2.0 tires with great off-road lookReflective stripes for better visibilityCar valves, also suitable for easy filling at each Tankst
∅ 22 mm
Other Components
  • LED front light with on/off automatic
  • LED tail light with parking light
  • Equipment according to STVZO
  • Lightweight aluminum crank
  • Thumb tap trigger with gear indicator
  • Ergonomically optimized shifter
Brake system
V-brakes for the front and rear wheel
Saddle and handlebar height adjustable

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Suitable for children from 6 years.

Max. Total load 60kg.


To be used with protective equipment.

Ready for more independence? 

Forgetting the time with friends? No problem if your child has the CYKE ACTIVE - with full StVZO equipment, reflective stripes and lighting system with hub dynamo, automatic on/off and parking light. So don't get angry if it gets a little late: With PUKY, your child is ready for the dark!

Equipped for all challenges 

With the optional luggage rack for your CYKE bike, every excursion becomes an adventure. Whether you're taking your rucksack with you, transporting a snack for the next break or just want to look a bit cool - with a luggage rack, you can do anything without feeling overwhelmed by a heavy bike.

Measuring inner leg length in three steps

But how can you measure your child's inner leg length? Quite simply:

  • Your child stands with its back against a wall wearing shoes.
  • Clamp a book between its legs with the horizontal upper edge at the crotch.
  • Now you can measure the distance from the top edge of the book to the floor with a tape measure or folding rule.

The measured value in centimetres is the inner leg length or crotch height. You can now use it to determine the right size for your child's balance bike or bicycle on our website.