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Suitable accessories

Suitable accessories

HP 25
2 + Jahre
LT 2
45-53 cm
105-125 cm
4 + Years
Find the right size
Find the right size

Sporty geometry

The PUKY CYKE 16-1 is the ideal bike for children at the age of 4 and older, who want to be sporty and light on the go. Child-friendly geometries, aluminum components and the PUKY SAFETY SET make CYKE a reliable everyday companion. The PUKY CYKE 16-1 has a coaster brake and a standard-compliant V-brake system that safely brings children to a stop. 

The low standover height makes it quick and effortless to get on and off the bike. Compared to the previous PUKY ZLX 16 model, the CYKE 16-1 was able to save 1.2 kg in weight and now only weighs 7.2 kg. This means that the weight ratio is perfectly adapted to the child's age and fun whilst driving is guaranteed. All essential components such as the side stand, fenders and a bell are already included in the scope of delivery. PUKY CYKE 16-1 is available in the colors racing blue and berry with sporty decors.

Aluminium has long been a proven frame material for bicycles. Light, robust and rust-free - three key advantages that distinguish aluminium from steel. All our CYKE models have a high-quality aluminium frame, as well as other weight-optimised components such as handlebars, cranks and rims.
Since, unlike adults, children's centre of gravity is in the upper half of the body, it is particularly important to design the frame geometry in such a way that the children's bike has a particularly balanced riding behaviour. The child-friendly positioning of the bottom bracket and the optimum distance between the saddle and handlebars are further important factors for a child-friendly frame geometry.
In unseren CYKE Modellen verwenden wir norm- und kindgerechte V-Brakes. Diese sorgen für eine gute Bremswirkung und gewährleisten eine optimale Dosierung der Bremskraft, damit der Pilot sicher zum stehen kommt. Im Gegensatz zu herkömmlichen V-Brakes werden Stürze durch zu starke, abrupte Bremsleistung vermieden.
The extremely impact-resistant and hard-wearing powder coating is applied to all our vehicles in our own factory in Wülfrath. It covers the metal components like a plastic coating and is UV and weather-resistant and, of course, free of toxins and harmful substances.
Our PUKY safety set has always ensured safety on the vehicle and while riding. The set consists of a handlebar pad, a bell, safety handlebar grips, front and rear reflectors, plastic edge protectors on the front mudguard, child-friendly, non-slip pedals with a third reflector and a closed chain case that protects children from reaching into the drive.
Front wheel
Rear wheel
Aluminium rims
Aluminum handlebar
Impact resistant powder coating
28 T / 15 T
Brake handle
Child friendly brake handle
Side stand
Max. payload
60 kg
Ø 22 mm
Other Components
  • Aluminum crank
  • Child friendly geometry
Brake system
  • Coaster-Brake 
  • V-Brake (front)
Height adjustable saddle

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Suitable for children from 4 years.

Measuring inner leg length in three steps

But how can you measure your child's inner leg length? Quite simply:

  • Your child stands with its back against a wall wearing shoes.
  • Clamp a book between its legs with the horizontal upper edge at the crotch.
  • Now you can measure the distance from the top edge of the book to the floor with a tape measure or folding rule.

The measured value in centimetres is the inner leg length or crotch height. You can now use it to determine the right size for your child's balance bike or bicycle on our website.