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26-38 cm
85-100 cm
1 1/2 + Years
Find the right size
Find the right size

The Allrounder

The allround tricycle/ buggy for parents and children

The symbiosis of functional tricycle and comfortable buggy. Impossible? PUKY Ceety Comfort combines all the advantages of both vehicle worlds. Parents stay mobile with their favourite ones and can easily do the shopping or transport plenty of food for the visit on the playground. The large shopping bag and the accessory bag on the push bar are just two of many other features. In addition to a flexible umbrella, CEETY Comfort has a removable tipper body and a rotating play bell suitable for children. The vehicle is equipped with a safe 3-point belt system, which holds the pilot securely in the seat, but does not restrict freedom of movement. The drive, which is equipped with a freewheel, can be locked optionally. A removable anti-slip footrest with angle adjustment serves as a footrest during the resting/sliding phase. This allows you to transport the sleeping child easily and safely. The maintenance-free comfort tyres and ball-bearing wheels guarantee smooth running and a long service life. The standard repertoire also includes safety handlebar grips and an impact-resistant powder coating naturally. PUKY CEETY Comfort is available in the colours mint and grey.


PUKY® tricycle are not only designed for children, but also for their parents: Through play, children have a lot of fun learning how to coordinate several simultaneous actions (pedalling, steering and brakes), and can then even move independently over small distances. At the same time, parents have access to a means of transport that children like to use, which makes it easy to push their offspring along if they run out of energy.

Where to put small items such as cash, handkerchiefs or a mobile phone? In the accessory bag on the push bar, small items are always ready to hand and stowed in your direct field of vision.
Otherwise only optional, the footrest is already included with the PUKY CEETY Comfort. It is particularly useful for long pushes. It offers more comfort and prevents the feet from slipping if the child gets tired.
The maintenance-free and durable Air-Less comfort tyres are highly abrasion-resistant, have low rolling resistance and improved rolling characteristics.
The large shopping bag and the tipper body offer plenty of space for shopping or provisions on excursions. Isn't that great? Parent-child mobility is guaranteed at all times.
Our tried-and-tested 3-point belt system holds the pilot securely in the seat without restricting freedom of movement when driving. Locking and releasing the harness in just a few simple steps makes safety child's play.
Impact resistant powder coating
Automatic free wheel with locking
Max. payload
25 kg
Maintenance free comfort tires
Child friendly rotating ring bell
Other Components
  • Steering lock
  • Steering angle limiter
  • Safety guide pole lock
  • Height adjustable push bar with accessory bag
  • Flexible rain/sun protection (UV protection 99.9%, UPF 50+)
  • Removable tipper with shopping bag
  • Anti-slip footrest with angle adjustment
  • Handlebar pad with bag
Brake system

Handbrake with parking function

Three point safety belt

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Suitable for children from 1 1/2 years.

Multifunctional and comfortable

With the CEETY COMFORT, parents with a toddler always remain mobile in everyday life, because the manoeuvrable tricycle is just as suitable for the playground as it is for the way to the daycare centre or the small shopping trip.

Many features included

The shopping bag and the accessory bag on the height-adjustable push bar are just two of the many other features.

Measuring inner leg length in three steps

But how can you measure your child's inner leg length? Quite simply:

  • Your child stands with its back against a wall wearing shoes.
  • Clamp a book between its legs with the horizontal upper edge at the crotch.
  • Now you can measure the distance from the top edge of the book to the floor with a tape measure or folding rule.

The measured value in centimetres is the inner leg length or crotch height. You can now use it to determine the right size for your child's balance bike or bicycle on our website.