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  • 26-38 cm
  • 80-100 cm
  • 1 1/2 + years
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The luxury on three wheels: The PUKY® CAT S 6 CEETY®
The CAT S 6 CEETY® from PUKY® presents itself equipped with all the finesse and perfectly matched to the parental needs. The additional bag and the extra-large tipper with lockable net take on a lot of luggage. The large and padded bucket seat with five-point belt and the footrest provide optimal support of the child, even while sleeping and the comfort push bar provides optimal... Read more


  • Handlebar Grips Safety Grips
  • Frame material Steel
  • Pedals At the front wheel
  • Paint High resistant powder coating
  • Free wheel Automatic freewheel with lock
  • Running board Anti-slip footrest with angle adjustment
  • Max. payload 25 kg
  • Seat Steplessly adjustable Ergo sports seat with removable seat back (6 cm)
  • Tyres

    Maintenance free comfort tires

  • Other components
    • Steering lock / Straight run
    • Steering angle limiter
    • Safety push bar lock
    • Luggage tray with transport bag
    • Flexible rain/sun protection (UV protection 99.9%, UPF 50+)
    • Multifunction Push Bar with "CityBag
    • Soft seat cover
    • Anti-slip footrest with angle adjustment
  • Brake system

    Hand brake with parking function

  • Belt

    5-point safety belt with one-button click safety lock and SoftTouch shoulder pads

  • Abmessungen
    • Multifunctional push bar 
    • Steplessly adjustable ergo sport seat

Product dimensions

How wide, how high, how long? Here you will find the most important information about the vehicle.

* Seat height

Multifunctional 2in1 buggy tricycle

Sometimes buggy, sometimes tricycle ...

The PUKY® CAT S 6 CEETY® impresses with its large range of functions from a buggy to a game tricycle. The fold-down backrest, the removable, height-adjustable push bar, the detachable XL storage tray, the rain/sunshade and the large fabric upholstery make the PUKY® CAT S 6 CEETY® extremely versatile and comfortable. The extensive accessory package consisting of bell, handlebar basket, handlebar bag or pennant pole further adapts the luxury vehicle to individual needs. The distinctive fabric designs also underline optical's claim as a top of its class.

Safety and comfort package

The safest couch in history!

The adjustable Ergo sports seat with soft seat cover in conjunction with the adjustable 5-point belt is unsurpassed in terms of safety and ease of use. With the one-button click of the security lock, the belt can be opened and closed with lightning speed. The soft-touch shoulder pads make wearing the belt pleasant for kids. Handlebar pads and child-friendly safety handlebar grips ensure safety during the ride. The removable anti-slip footrest with angle adjustment keeps the feet always safe, even in deep sleep phases. The parking brake is just as useful as the optional freewheeling automatic. Especially with the frequent change between sliding and play mode.

Comfort Sliding Tricycle

Perfect ergonomics, also for the parents!

The Soft-Touch push bar handle is ergonomically perfectly matched. The wide adjustment range allows the child to push the tricycle as well as the parents. The push bar is removable with a quick release and can be separated from the vehicle in no time. The adjustable shade protects against sun and rain.

Maintenance-free AIR-Less comfort tires

No resistance.

The non-tariff and long-lasting Air-Less comfort tires are very abrasion-resistant, have a low rolling resistance and have improved roll over properties.

Steering lock

Straight-ahead switchable

So that things do not get out of hand while pushing and the little pilots decide where to go (which they almost do anyway), the handlebars can be locked in the straight ahead position.

Tricycle footrest

Chillout area

Otherwise only optional, the footrest is already included with the PUKY® CAT S 6 CEETY®. It pays off with long sliding passages. It offers more comfort and prevents the feet from slipping if the kids gets tired.

Real size

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26-38 cm

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80-100 cm 1 1/2 - 4

Grundsätzlich bieten wir Ihnen drei Möglichkeiten zur Größenbestimmung bei PUKY Fahrzeugen. Wir empfehlen als zuverlässigste Angabe immer die Innenbeinlänge. Wie Sie diese ermitteln, finden Sie hier (Schrittlänge messen beim Kind). Alternativ können Sie auch die Körpergröße oder das Alter des Kindes als Anhalt heranziehen.

Unfortunately, the vehicle is not suitable for the body size entered. Please look for a suitable model in our overview.
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