Our promises to you

PUKY Quality

Design & Development


PUKY has over 70 years of experience in the development, design and production of children's vehicles. Our vehicles have a high-quality and well thought-out design that is specially adapted to the abilities and needs of children. To ensure this, we work together with experts such as pediatricians and movement therapists already during the development process. All PUKY vehicles are intensively tested during the development of children in kindergartens, schools and on our in-house test bench. Our developers always make sure that high-quality components, produced as sustainably as possible and absolutely safe, are selected and installed for our vehicles.

    Products & Production


    PUKY has always stood for unique safety in children's vehicles and therefore has a modern testing laboratory where all PUKY vehicles are regularly tested beyond the required standards and guidelines. Just fulfilling the standard is not enough for us - For us, the test values must be significantly higher than the standards set by law. This is the only way we can guarantee consistent quality. In addition to the tests, we already pay attention to the high quality of the individual components of a vehicle during the development process. This continues in the selection of suitable suppliers, whom we regularly inspect on site for compliance with our quality standards and fair working conditions. Every delivery of components is checked by random sampling in our test center before they are installed in vehicles. In addition, PUKY relies on more automation in production to have monotonous and consistent tasks done by robots. This gives our colleagues in production more time to monitor quality and check parts regularly. Vehicles are also randomly checked during assembly in the factories to ensure consistent quality. As an expression of PUKY's high standards, we offer our customers an extended and transferable warranty of 10 years when they purchase a new vehicle.

      Sustainability & Social Responsibility


      Our high standards lead to a long durability of our vehicles. If something does break, it can usually be replaced and repaired - we keep spare parts for each vehicle for up to 10 years. Thus, on average, three to four children use our vehicles at a time. PUKY vehicles are "Made in Germany". But what does that actually mean? Our vehicles are almost exclusively produced in Germany, supplier parts are preferably bought from European manufacturers. This way we can more effectively maintain the desired quality and at the same time guarantee fair working conditions also at supplier companies. PUKY carries out regular standardized audits at all suppliers. In terms of waste, we attempt to return our rejects and garbage to the appropriate cycles. For example, vehicle parts that do not pass the quality test are completely recycled. We are also constantly working to make our packaging materials and manufacturing process more efficient and environmentally friendly. PUKY is also aware of its special social responsibility. For all people, participation in working life is an important prerequisite for an equal life in society. People with impairments also have this right to participate. For several decades, PUKY has therefore had a close cooperation with factories for adapted work. There are over 500 people with varying degrees of disability working for us. In addition to the vehicle assemblies in the workshops, a close interlocking of more than 25 people with impairment with the first labor market is realized in-house PUKY. Instead of working in external factories, they work in a specially built assembly hall at our site in close connection to the production. We do not regard these people in the factories and here with us as external service providers, but as an integral part of our staff and the PUKY family.