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PUKY LUMI makes vehicles shine. The clever lighting set consists of an LED front headlight and rear light with side visibility. This means not only seeing, but also being seen from all sides. LUMI is approved without restrictions in road traffic and can therefore also be used on PUKY bikes up to 20" and LS-PRO models. Mounting is possible without tools and is suitable from Ø 18 mm - 35 mm. Front and rear light... Lire la suite


  • Convient aux modèles Bracket suitable for Ø 18 mm - 35 mm
  • Propriétés
    • Unrestricted StVZO approval
    • Mounting without tools
    • Rechargeable via micro USB cable (incl.)
    • Front/rear light with side visibility
    • Front light with 2 lighting modes
    • Maximum illumination and energy saving
    • Rear light with adjustable beam angle
    • With battery and charge level indicator

    Front Light

    Running time

    • 100% brightness - approx. 5 hours
    • 50% brightness - approx. 10 hours

    Charging time

    • approx. 4 hours

    Rear light

    Running time

    • 100% brightness - approx. 3,5 hours

    Charging time

    • approx. 2-3 hours
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