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Family-CruiserThe JOKER

PUKY JOKER - The scooter for the whole family is finally here!

PUKY JOKER is a must-have for those who want to be fast and stylish on the road. Whether for a short trip through the block of flats or the commute to work. With its 16" aluminium wheels the PUKY JOKER hugs the road and overcomes small obstacles easily. The ball-bearing spoked wheels and the steering also ensure long-lasting smooth running. For massive grip, we have given the scooter dual-density handles and a non-slip running board. The grippy V-brakes front and rear quickly bring the PUKY JOKER effectly to stop. Like all our models, the aluminium scooter has a shockproof powder coating. The PUKY JOKER weighs only 17 pounds thanks to the light aluminium frame and can be reduced in size by the folding stem. The handlebar of the PUKY JOKER can be adjusted in height so that young and old can enjoy the clever scooter. PUKY JOKER is suitable from the age of 8 and at least 135 cm tall. The PUKY JOKER is available in black and white.


Suitable for children from 8 years. Max. Total load 265 lbs.

**specifications may vary due to production-related tolerances; weighed without pedals and stands.

Equipment At a glance

    • Air wheels (16 x 17.5)
    • V-Brake (front/rear)
    • Ball bearing spoked wheels
    • Ball bearing steering system
    • Dual-density handlebar grips
    • Folding stem
    • Height adjustable handlebars
    • Anti-slip running board
    • Impact resistant powder coating
    • 17 lbs

Geometry The perfect match

How wide, how high, how long? Here you will find the most important information about the vehicle.

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Assembly instructions with operating manual


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True size Size calculator

Suitable for:
from 135 to 190 cm

Basically we offer you three possibilities to determine the size of PUKY vehicles. We always recommend the inner leg length as the most reliable indication. How to determine this can be found here (How to find the right vehicle size). Alternatively, you can also use the height or age of the child as a guide.

Determine step height
From ground to step height
Step height

Man darf um keinen Preis die Gegenwart der Kinder irgendeiner Zukunft opfern.

Friedrich Daniel Ernst Schleiermacher (1768 - 1834)

V-BrakeReal braking force

The grippy V-brakes on the front and rear wheels enable rapid manoeuvres and are stable even with slightly higher rider weights. 

The easy handling and maintenance also speak for the brakes, which have been tried and tested in the bicycle sector for a long time.

Sporty air tyresMore grip and smoother running

There is no doubt that air tyres offer the best grip and comfort. The tyres of this 0.63 x 6.9 inch air scooter are sturdy and bring speed to the road.

They provide a lot of safety and absorb shocks better than a foam tyre can. But unlike foam tyres, they require a bit more maintenance.

Anti-slip running boardStable in wind and weather

A safe stand is important, as the driving forces of scooters are almost exclusively transmitted via the foot. 

The extra slip-resistant footboard offers the pilot plenty of space, whether for one or both feet.

Folding stem with height adjustmentfor old and young...

To ensure good ergonomics and as long a service life as possible, the handlebars of our Joker are equipped with a stepless height adjustment. 

The handlebars of the Joker scooter can be folded down for transport via the folding mechanism.

Ball bearing steering and wheelsQuality in detail

Due to the long handlebars, steering bearings are exposed to high loads, especially on scooters. We therefore use a robust and durable ball bearing for our scooters. 

The spoke wheels are also ball-bearing mounted for low rolling resistance and long durability, even with greater mileage.

Dual-density handlebar gripsOptimum ergonomics and grip

High-end 2-component grip with optimum grip and excellent vibration damping. 

The soft surface with the fine tread pattern provides optimum grip and damping, the harder core for a very secure fit on the handlebars. 

This means that even rougher sections can be mastered with ease.

Geometry The perfect match

How wide, how high, how long? Here you will find the most important information about the vehicle.

DownloadsTo read

Assembly instructions/Operating manual icon

Assembly instructions with operating manual