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SKYRIDE® 20-6 Alu

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Step height
from 53 to 65 cm
from 122 to 141 cm
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The sporty...The SKYRIDE® 20-6 Alu

The SKYRIDE® 20-6 Alu is ideal for sporty girls from 6 years of age who are fit for road traffic.
The SKYRIDE® 20-6 Alu is equipped with a Shimano 6-speed derailleur. The finer gradation of the gears and, compared to hub gears, lower drive losses make the bike particularly suitable for longer tours with more altitude difference. The missing back-pedalling brake is compensated by two very good decelerating V-brakes. However, there is no need for switching in a standing position. This bike is designed especially for girls who are already experienced riders and who can drive with foresight. The SKYRIDE® 20-6 Alu is available in white.

PUKY® road bikes have a well-thought-out frame geometry with a modern look. Although this is based on the trends that adults appreciate, it guarantees that children's requirements are taken into account in an optimum fashion. They have a very large adjustment range of saddle and handlebars, which guarantees a long service life without compromising the optimum controllability of the vehicle. All PUKY® bicycles are equipped in accordance with the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO) and may therefore be used on public roads.


Suitable for children from 6 years.

**specifications may vary due to production-related tolerances; weighed without pedals and stands.

Equipment At a glance

  • Aluminium frame
  • Low step through, multipositional features, long serviceable life
  • Shimano hub dynamo
  • Stand
  • Aluminium frame
  • Cartridge steering set
  • Long aluminium saddle support
  • Plastic mudguards with edge protection
  • Front and rear V-brake
  • SHIMANO hub dynamo
  • Adjustable brake lever suitable for children's hands
  • Aluminium crank fitting with cartridge bottom bracket
  • Non-slip 2K pedals
  • Anodised Aero aluminium rims
  • Schwalbe Road Cruiser tyres
  • Rear light with parking light function
  • Unicrown fork
  • Front LED lighting
  • Gears SHIMANO 6-gear
  • Safety handlebar grips
  • Bell
  • Front and rear reflectors
  • Complete lighting unit acc. to STVZO with rear parking light function

Geometry The perfect match

How wide, how high, how long? Here you will find the most important information about the vehicle.

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Suitable for:
from 122 to 141 cm
Step height
from 53 to 65 cm

Basically we offer you three possibilities to determine the size of PUKY vehicles. We always recommend the inner leg length as the most reliable indication. How to determine this can be found here (How to find the right vehicle size). Alternatively, you can also use the height or age of the child as a guide.

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Kinder und Uhren dürfen nicht ständig aufgezogen werden: man muß sie auch mal gehen lassen.

Jean Paul (1763 - 1825)

Lightweight aluminium frameThe lightness of being...

Aluminium has long been used as a frame material for bicycles. Lightweight, rugged and rustproof - three major advantages that distinguish aluminium over steel. All of our ZL children's bike models have a noble aluminium frame.

Shimano 6-speed derailleur systemLight and sporty

Chain shifts run very easily, as they absorb almost no drive energy compared to hub gears. The range between the gears and the transmission bandwidth is also better with 6 gears. It is easier for the driver to find the right gear, especially when the track has a few meters of altitude difference to offer. The built-in 1x6 drive dispenses with a front derailleur in order to simplify operation. Thus it represents the ideal entry into the world of derailleur gears. The system weight of a derailleur is also significantly lower than that of hub gears. So it pushes the weight under the magic 12 kilo limit.

Hollow chamber alloy rimsDouble-walled

In order to allow higher rider weights with larger wheel diameters, we equip our bicycles with hollow-chamber rims. This design achieves an optimal STW (Stiffness to Weight) value. For example, the higher rider weights in larger children and adolescents are no problem.

Swallow tyres with reflective stripesWell visible

The high-quality dovetail tyres ensure low wear, good puncture resistance and perfect grip. The reflective strip replaces rickety spoke reflectors. The reflector is extremely bright, complies with the traffic regulations and cannot fall off. Safety first!

High-quality, child-friendly lighting systemLet there be light...

The high-quality Shimano hub dynamo feeds an LED headlamp with on/off automatic. This prevents children from forgetting to turn on the lights in time. The new LED 1.5 volt technology reduces the weight of the hub dynamo considerably, increases the service life and makes it much easier to run under load without losing light output.

Exchangeable derailleur hangerDaddy is happy

Especially with children's bikes you have to expect rough handling. In the case of derailleur gears, there is a risk that the rear derailleur's suspension will bend or even break off when a branch of the derailleur reaches the rear wheel. To avoid total damage, we equip our sprocket wheels with exchangeable derailleur eyes. If this should bend or break off, it is simply unscrewed as the intended breaking point between the rear derailleur and the frame and exchanged for a new one.

Geometry The perfect match

How wide, how high, how long? Here you will find the most important information about the vehicle.

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Assembly instructions/Operating manual icon

Assembly instructions with operating manual