Warranty Terms

Warranty Terms (German)

All PUKY frames, handlebars and forks are covered by a 5-year manufacturer's warranty from the date of purchase due to breakage and deformation damage caused by processing or material defects. Excluded from the guarantee are end users who use the products in connection with their professional activities, e.g. kindergartens.
This guarantee is valid worldwide and for all PUKY vehicles. The warranty is expressly limited to free repair or free delivery of an equivalent frame, fork or handlebar. The installation and removal of the aforementioned parts is not covered by the guarantee. Whether a repair or an equivalent replacement is carried out is at the discretion of PUKY. PUKY reserves the right to change or replace the original component colour design. The aforementioned service does not extend or renew the guarantee. PUKY acquires ownership of any replaced or replaced parts.
The guarantee is transferable and is product-, not person-bound. In order to activate the warranty for the first time, the private end user must register on the PUKY website ( within 4 weeks of purchasing the PUKY vehicle. After registration, the private end user will receive a warranty number by email. If the PUKY vehicle is resold, the subsequent private end user must reregister on the PUKY website ( with the above warranty number or the original proof of purchase in order to activate the warranty for the remaining term.
Within the warranty period, the private end user must in principle notify the PUKY specialist dealer (see proof of purchase) of his warranty claims by submitting a copy of the purchase receipt or the warranty number sent by PUKY. In the event that this is not possible for the private end consumer (e.g. due to relocation, discontinuation of business, etc.), this can also be done directly to PUKY. Shipping costs incurred in connection with warranty claims by sending the products to PUKY shall be borne by the private end user.
Excluded from the guarantee are damages caused by normal wear and tear. Likewise, this warranty does not extend to damage caused by improper or improper use, e.g. neglect (lack of care and maintenance), fall, overloading, as well as changes to the frame or fork, or the attachment or conversion of additional components. The guarantee does not cover compensation for direct or indirect consequential damage.
The legal rights of the customer remain unaffected by this guarantee. The guarantee exists in addition to the statutory claims for the delivery of faultless goods against the seller and does not restrict the statutory claims for defects.

* on frames, forks, handlebars