What is the difference between PUKYlino® and WUTSCH®?

Both sliding vehicles offer an optimal entry into child mobility. They train simple movements in a playful way, e.g. strong pushing off from the ground in combination with the first steering movements. The difference with these vehicles lies on the one hand in the range of their field of application (Pukylino only indoor, Wutsch indoor and outdoor) but also in the development stage of the child.

PUKYlino® is primarily designed for indoor use. Prerequisite: The child must be able to stand and walk with help. We recommend PUKYlino® for children over 1 year of age or 75 cm tall. The seat height of the PUKYlino is approx. 22 cm. Since PUKYlino® is often the first vehicle for the child, special parental care should be taken when using PUKYlino®: Observe the child carefully to see if it can handle the vehicle without any problems. Bumping into an obstacle at full speed may result in falling over. We therefore recommend PUKYlino® only for indooruse use on level ground, without obstacles.

WUTSCH® is also designed for indoor use, but can also be used outdoors as it has a different geometry due to its floating axle. With this floating axle, he trains the balance of his little drivers in addition to the combination of steering and leg movements. Wutsch is therefore the ideal pre-stage to the balance bike..

Prerequisite: the child must be able to stand and walk without help. We

recommend WUTSCH® for children from approx. 1 1/2 years and one height

of about 80 cm. The seat height is approx. 24.5 cm.

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