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Step height
from 35 to 48 cm
from 90 to 120 cm
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For real racersThe LR Ride BR

The athlete in the PUKY® balance bike range is named PUKY® LR Ride.
The PUKY® LR Ride presents itself like a real racebike. It has a maintenance-free elastomer rear suspension and a lightweight aluminum frame. In addition, it comes without a low-lying footboard to provide more ground clearance. This predestines the PUKY® LR Ride to a sporty off-roader with a lot of potential for experienced pilots. In addition to the sleek design, the geometry with the ahead stem is a bit sportier. The PUKY® LR Ride's 12.5 "pneumatic wheels on spoked wheels combine optimum comfort and maximum grip on all surfaces with low weight while being very quiet. So the PUKY® LR Ride is the ideal vehicle for professional pilots who are already a bit faster on the move. The safety handles protect the tender hands of children and defuse the handlebar ends. The banana saddle pulled up in front ensures that the gained momentum is transferred to the vehicle without the child sliding forward from the saddle. We intentionally do without a steering angle limit on our wheels. So the handlebar lies flat on the ground when falling and the risk of injury drops considerably. The PUKY® LR Ride is available in cool black.

Learner bikes
PUKY® learner bikes are an ideal complement to the classic scooter, and also the perfect preparatory stage for the first play bike. They are characterised by their low step through frame and particularly child-friendly ergonomics. The special learner bike saddles are ergonomically shaped and perfectly support the child's walking movements. The handlebar and saddle are height-adjustable, allowing for individual customisation. As a result, movement and the vehicle can be enjoyed for years.


Suitable for children from 3 years. Max. total load 25kg. ATTENTION: Use with protective equipment. Not to be used in traffic.

**specifications may vary due to production-related tolerances; weighed without pedals and stands.

Equipment At a glance

  • Special impeller saddle with carrying handle
  • Aluminum frame with rear suspension
  • Aheadset stem / headset
  • alloy wheels
  • pneumatic wheels 50-203
  • Sporty V-brake system (rear)
  • Safety handlebar grips
  • Impact-resistant powder coating
  • Wheels and steering are ball-bearing
  • Saddle and handlebar height adjustable
  • Handlebar protector
  • Aluminum hub
  • Note: Delivery without valve caps as these are small parts that can be swallowed according to the toy standard EN71-1

Geometry The perfect match

How wide, how high, how long? Here you will find the most important information about the vehicle.

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True size Size calculator

Suitable for:
from 90 to 120 cm
Step height
from 35 to 48 cm

Basically we offer you three possibilities to determine the size of PUKY vehicles. We always recommend the inner leg length as the most reliable indication. How to determine this can be found here (How to find the right vehicle size). Alternatively, you can also use the height or age of the child as a guide.

Determine step height
From ground to step height
Step height

Kinder und Uhren dürfen nicht ständig aufgezogen werden: man muß sie auch mal gehen lassen.

Jean Paul (1763 - 1825)

Special saddle for balance bikesForm follows function

The "banana saddle", specially developed for our balance bikes, gives children a secure grip and supports the child's running movements. Since the thrust of the impulse can only be transmitted via the saddle, a completely different shape than a bicycle saddle is necessary to give the child safety and good vehicle control.

Super lightweight aluminum frame with rear suspensionFor performance freaks

If dad is excited about technology, the young generation should be on the road with the sporting top material and Mama opens the purse a bit further, then there can be only one choice: The PUKY® LR Ride! The lightweight aluminum frame offers top performance and an effective and low-maintenance rear suspension. Together with the sporty geometry and the more aggressive rear wheel brake this frame platform barely sets no limits.

Aluminium Straight ForkDirect and fast

The very lightweight aluminum fork supports the sporty character of the LR Ride with its design and function.

Ahead stem/handlebar unit made of aluminiumThe shot of extra stability

Ahead stems are standard in sports bikes. They combine high clamping forces with low weight. We save extra weight by using a specially designed stem handlebar for the LR Ride. For the extra safety of sporty pilots.

Air-tired wheels in 2.0 "Comfort and performance

When it comes to grip on any surface, pneumatic wheels are still superior to any other technology today. Also the comfort and the optimal handling are substantial advantages of the pneumatic tire which can be adapted by the adjustment of the air pressure on the personal preferences of the children. So who puts more emphasis on optimal performance than on low maintenance, which is well served with the LR Ride! On the LR Ride, the tires sit on stored aluminum rims and hubs for further weight optimization.

Height adjustable saddle and handlebarAnd fits and fits and fits ......

To ensure good ergonomics and the longest possible useful life, our handlebars and seatpost are height-adjustable on our LRM balance bikes. Thus, the vehicle adapts continuously to the size growth of the small drivers.

Geometry The perfect match

How wide, how high, how long? Here you will find the most important information about the vehicle.

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Assembly instructions/Operating manual icon

Assembly instructions with operating manual